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tv   Hannity  FOX News  May 23, 2019 6:00pm-7:00pm PDT

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sean hannity. we are back tomorrow. the sworn enemy, dan bongino takes away right now. >> that is the most dramatic piece of fetish, that huge explosion. i always look out at some point, i better bring it. >> tucker: you never do! >> don: fantastic show. and tonight for sean we start with a fox news alert. president trump just issued an executive order giving the attorney general of the united states bill barr the authority to declassify material related to his investigation into the origins of the russian probe. major t classifications should be coming forth in the deep state should be very worried tonight. this is major news. joining us now for more as her own john roberts. take it away. >> there to see you. we had known that this was
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coming from some time, tonight they did great. the president has instructed bill barr and the intelligence agencies to declassify information regarding every aspect of the mueller investigation. this would include a number of other things including the scope memo, what was robert mueller's instructions and terms of what he was to investigate. it would include documents related to the fisa memos regarding the surveillance of carter page. it would involve the surveillance of people like george papadopoulos, potentially others and it fits into what john durham the u.s. attorney for the district of connecticut is doing in terms of finding outcome investigating the genesis of the investigation into the trump campaign and whether the colluding with russia was.
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what is interesting to me is that the president says that he wants to make sure that all americans according to the statement, all americans know the truth about the events that occurred on the actions that were taken about the election and will restore confidence in the institution. that is a suggestion that one this information is declassified it would be declassified from the intelligence agencies and the attorney general, potentially from the attorney general to the public as well. at some point in the future i can imagine that we may read a report that has a lot of information that up until now has remain very protected and very secret. >> dan: is it possible that we will get declassified those gang of 83 things that happened in august between john brennan and the gang of eight in august 2016? is that a possibility? >> have not heard anything about
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that specifically but when the president says declassify the documents that are related to the investigation, that would include a lot of things that went on during the obama administration. if there were meetings between the intelligence officials, related to the investigation than i expect they could be in the list of materials to be declassified. don't forget that when you look at the executive order which i said earlier, the statement, there is one particular sentence here that may limit exactly what we can see and that is when the president says he wants to declassify information pertaining to this investigation in accordance with the long established for handling classified information which typically means you can talk about sources. we may learn a lot here, but we
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may not learn everything. >> dan: thanks a lot. i appreciate your time. more on this in a moment. an intense day in the washington swamp, nancy pelosi desperately clinging to a gavel during a rambling press she went to bat for the radical pace throwing impeachment fantasies and accusing the president of needing an intervention. watch this. >> another temper tantrum come again. i pray for the president of the united states. i wish that the family and staff would have intervention for the good of the country and i do think that impeachment is a very divisive place to go in our country. if we can get the facts, the american people it will take us to a place that is unavailable . the white house is crying for impeachment. that is why he left yesterday.
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this is not behavior that rises to the dignity of the office of the president of the united states. >> dan: president trump is done putting with her insults. a few hours ago he responded. check this out. >> speaker pelosi says she hopes your family would conduct an intervention with you. what is your reaction? >> i saw her read it perfectly the way she said it. it's a nasty statement. i've been watching her and i have been watching her for a long period of time and she is not the same person. she has lost it. it was sad when i watched nancy all moving with the movement and the hands and the craziness and i watched that, a person who has problems. i watch that this morning and that's a narrative they want to put out. it's sad we have to play that narrative. >> dan: president trump wrecked the narrative in the media mob was busy cheering for nancy pelosi.
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cnn and msnbc are making them so proud. >> here's what is going on. the speaker is really getting under the president's skin. >> he started the day deeply agitated when he heard from nancy pelosi. it seems to unravel him psychologically for her to accuse him of a cover-up. >> he overreacted to her and -- >> did you know he would? >> she has a master at reading people. >> it's interesting what did t under his skin come intervention. >> nancy pelosi got under his skin. >> i think she has had a good day, she was taking a victory lap in some ways. >> we will cover the latest in the moment but joining us now with more of the president's executive action is american conservative union chair match lap, florida congressman, the
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fox news correspondent, geraldo rivero in a studio. good to see you. let's start with this declassification. i will go to you first. is this the moment that spygate coconspirators have been dreading forever? >> it sure is come up monday night on this show i predicted we were days from action and weeks from evidence. what is most important is that it shows that comey, brennan are all in jeopardy. if this was a question of misconduct the president wouldn't have given the attorney general's giving authority to compel the production of evidence from the intelligence community, the cia, the nsa and that is where i believe there is evidence that was withheld from the courts where george papadopoulos as saying we were including, that would be illegal. that was withheld. you mention the gang of eight briefings and what is so important about that is that they include statements of evidence that would have shown
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that carter page and george papadopoulos were not a basis to continue this investigation and that is not going to line up with what was presented to the fisa court. that desperate display will really show where the corruption occurred and they should be very worried. >> dan: i will go to you next. it's good to see you. they were in a world of trouble. he brings up a great point, when bill barr was up on the hill and the testimony he didn't just say the fbi, he was very clear it was possible malfeasance with the community and she was very specific. not just the fbi. this may be bigger than just fbi spying and i think their days are numbered. >> i think that first of all to watch the speaker of the house of the president going at each other like junior high students is very disheartening. this is really not good for the country. he personal sniping. in the speaker's case however, what is revealed by her use of
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the terms cover-up and so forth leading up to our meeting on infrastructure, the agenda of the speaker has been exactly in sync with the most radical members of the democratic caucus. she is thinking impeachment. she wants to prove obstruction of justice with all her might. what is happening is, when these documents are revealed what it will show is an obstruction of injustice. the presidents frustration, has flailing out of the democrats is because he committed no collusion. there is no underlying crime. it is not watergate and people using that parallel an analogy including our own jobs are way off base because there was no collusion, no obstruction! its obstruction of injustice. this is dangerous, it's reckless rhetoric from the president of a speaker and they better cool it right now. maybe the weekend will give them
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some time to ponder it. as this evidence comes out i want to know at what point to the special prosecutor no to a reasonable certainty that there was no collusion. why did he tell the president when he got to that point that there was no collusion? was he trying to entrap the president in a perjury trap? >> i don't blame the president at all for being upset. you are accusing him for being a cover-up and a crime. can i just ask you, you've been around the legislative arena for a lot longer than i have, what is the legislative purpose of all of this? congress is not the fbi. their oversight and their abilities, correct me if i'm wrong are to legislate. >> that you have an oversight responsibility which is in the power and their ability to fund the government. they have a legitimate oversight
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but what they do not have a right to do is to have their own prosecutorial investigation which is why the proper thing for bill barr who by the way, the attorney general has been undergoing an investigation for quite some time now so the fact that the white house is now taking this extraordinary step which we been waiting for for months and months. it probably means this is well enough along where they have a grasp of what they want to declassify, what needs to be made public and here is the key, two key things, number one, this is going to take the wind out of the sails of impeachment. it's no longer about all the coverage of potential wrongdoing for president trump which has been proven to be wrong, it's not going to be about the obama joe biden administration. what did they know, what did they know what? what didn't they stop? why did they use their powers in an unauthorized way to go after their political opponents.
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this puts the issue on the other foot as he was saying, it's not about president travis wrongdoing, it's about what happened during those obama years and i think this is nothing but positive for the american people who want to get to the truth. >> dan: congressman if you are up there and living with us every day. is there a possibility that when bill barr talks about this being bigger than the fbi, if you watch this testimony she seems very confused that some of the information in the fbi may have been with the cia as well. it seems apparent based on brennan's briefings that the sources were the same. is it possible there were parallels as a path? >> of the strongest evidence those parallel paths existed is that you have brennan and comey putting fingers at one another about the extent to which the dossier funded by democrats, cooked up by liars and then
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comingled with russian information wasn't really a driving force of this entire investigation. i think as we get closer to the target you will see more of a circular firing squad start to start among those people who were so ready to derail the presidency that they took legal action that had no defense attorney. to your point about the level of the discourse here, it's really strange with her speaker of the house question the president's mental state, but i see is the question of impeachment is torturing the democratic party. at the president needs an intervention i think nancy pelosi and the rest of her caucus need to go on dr. phil and talk about their feelings and figure out how to deal. >> the president should be above that. he doesn't need that. he is winning now. let bill barr do his job. they will be uncovered and we will see who did what. >> he was able to get
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16,000,000,002 are farmers, negotiate through a gridlock on a response and he was able to centralize this investigation on the greatest political scandal and history, that is a good day for someone who needs an intervention. >> dan: i have to run but it's funny when mueller pumps the football then democrats complain. >> they want to do over. like wayne's world, do you remember that? ridiculous >> dan: despite the radical democratic party's, a new poll is showing that the majority of americans want a so lawmakers to stop their endlesst and to trump and russia. democrats clearly aren't listening to the american people. as president trump pointed out, if they are hell-bent on smearing him and his fellow republicans. check this out. >> i've been under an investigation based on no facts, the overthrow of the president and i'm proud of the way we have come out, i am very proud. we have to go through it again
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and the american public is not standing for it. their whole focus is on "20/20". trying to demean the public and party and demean the president of the united states, they want to demean so much where they want to get him out of office anyway we can. you would want gentlemen, congressman greene who sounds like a real beauty, he said the only way we will beat him is to impeach him. how about that? >> dan: joining us now is a charlie hurt, the former economic advisor austan goolsbee and lisa boothe. i will go to you first. when will they admit and come clean that the spying happened and give up on this obstruction story? >> at some point you have to take the loss. >> i don't think they were going to. the entire aim has been to try to create this illusion of smoke so that people think there is a fire there. there has never been a fire and
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democrats will continue to paint that allusion and try to discredit any of the information that is coming out and that is the whole reason why they've been discrediting attorney general bill barr because they think they have been concerned about what we will find out. think about it this way, it took mueller two years, 19 attorneys, 28 subpoenas, 500 warrants to come to this determination that the steele dossier was not correct in that president trump did not collude. it took a top estate department official to discern that has information was not credible and he had political mess. at what pointed robert mueller, investigators know that there was no collusion with president trump and his team and why did they continue with this investigation. the american people want to know in the american people want to know if government officials like peter strzok who clearly hated president trump but their son on the scale to damage the
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administration. >> dan: u.s. take u.s. to key . according to the democrats, any dealing with russians as intentional collusion activity then why wasn't it has to worry when the state department launched and it said, sources, two specialists. did i miss that? >> the whole thing is like this game of projection on the part of democrats. whatever they accuse president trump of doing would then find out not only did he not do it, but they do debt. the only collusion with russian that went on in the 20 16 election was by democrats, the hillary clinton campaigned working with misinformation from the kremlin to smear donald trump to throw the election. it's pure insanity and i almost
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feel sorry for nancy pelosi. i think she is losing her mind, she is the head of a party that has been lying to their voters for two years and know all these voters are realizing that they been knowingly along every step of the way about this stuff and leading their supporters to believe that they were going to be able to out this president on this cockamamie story about collusion and then at the same time not only to have this coming to a head, meanwhile on the issues that people care about, her party is going off the left edge of the world in terms of live birth abortion and open borders. the mainstream democratic voters out there doesn't support this. her party is completely been hijacked by this screaming left wing agenda, or this nonsensical line of business about russia. it's a real bad situation she finds herself in. >> dan: often i will pose the
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same question. if the democrats operating principle they been using a ken strong for the last two years is that these interactions although noncriminal are indicative of some kind of malevolent behaviot hillary's team paid a guy to get information from russians, i'm y curious. do you have an answer? >> the steele dossier and the fusion thing was first funded by republicans. >> dan: no! timeout. that is not true. i cannot let you say that. that is incorrect and inaccurate information. you can google it when you get off the area. the free bacon tom mack beacon was exclusively democratic operation and that is a easy and very terrible fact. >> the thing that helped the president --
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>> i didn't say beat party if you look at the charge of collusion, if that's what the report disproved come on record and to you before it ever came out i said, i hope that it proved there was no collusion because that would be an awful day for the country. it does not exonerate the president specifically saying they could not exonerate to the president on obstruction of justice. >> dan: that is not the standard of justice. >> congress has the right to investigate that the president has not allowed this to say we will refuse to cooperate. >> here's what i want to know. democrats keep saying that they want to get to the bottom of russia and interference in the country yet why have we not heard anything from democrats about wanting to find out if the dossier was russian disinformation that the fbi then used get fisa warrants to spy on
6:21 pm
president trump! is not something they would want to know? >> we should find that out. >> where's your person on that my friend? >> i want to have you back. >> dan: the russian collusion and get your take on that. >> what about the obstruction? >> dan: there was no obstruction. the standard of evidence is not not guilty. that's not how this works. directly ahead, more on the president's major declassification order. we will have reaction. ♪ they really appreciate the military family and it really shows. with all that usaa offers why go with anybody else? we know their rates are good, we know that they're always going to take care of us. it was an instant savings and i should have changed a long time ago. it was funny because when we would call another insurance company, hey would say "oh we can't beat usaa" we're the webber family. we're the tenney's we're the hayles, and we're usaa members for life.
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♪ >> people say deep state, i don't say deep state. we have a lot of bad people and they are being found out. i think right now, i saw where
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comey is dealing with this one and brennan is blaming another one and they are going against each other and clapper may be as blaming president obama? so surprised to see that happening. a lot of bad people. a lot of bad people. they have unsuccessfully tried to take down the wrong person. you look at comey. you look at mcgahn. people higher than that, you look at peter strzok and his lover, lisa page. he talked about the insurance policy just in case of cricket hillary loses and that didn't work out too well for them. should she lose will have the insurance policy and get this guy out of office, that is what they said and what they meant. that is treason. that is treason. they couldn't win the election and that is what happened. >> dan: that was president trump earlier today calling out by the name of the biggest bad actors in the deep states effort to bring the
6:27 pm
investigation, spy on trump and try to overthrow a duly elected president. he is taking action issuing a major directive grant and attorney general authority to finally declassify key documents in the ongoing review of the russian probes origin and surveillance of the trump campaign. day by day we are inching closer and closer to justice to expose this entire hoax once and for all. joining me now for reaction is president tom fitton, sara carter, along with the author of license to lie, sidney powell. i will go to you first given that you have some news. you have done incredible work of getting these documents exposed. one of the things i saw about your latest request is that you are looking for changes in the talking points for jim comey's and for mr. life at the briefing relies on the case against hillary and then mysteriously exonerates her at the end. what is the key point that was
6:28 pm
changed and that that you are trying to get a hold of? >> we are trying to figure out, we have all heard about the wording changes and that quoted the law and they had to get around actually quoting the law and accusing her of talking about conduct because it was believed obviously presumptively to an argument for prosecution. on top of that even after they exonerated her or gave her a get out of jail free card practically speaking because of the investigation, they still were writing a chart of all the laws she may have violated with excuses on why she should be prosecuted and someone asked, why are you still working on this? keep in your back pocket. we want that information as well. the talking points about his outrageous get out of jail press conference for hillary on top of
6:29 pm
the list of crimes they try to hide from the american people, this is why when you talk about transparency the president has to take a broad view here because there is a lot of secrets, thousands of secrets about the deep state conspiracy that need to be released and designated the attorney general to cut through that is thrown up by the other agencies to declassify this material is an important step for transparency, accountability, the rule of law. in advance of the american people can see these documents and as a portly grand juries. >> dan: i will go to you. he july 5th speech, the original version included the hillary clinton emailing barack obama which was changed to a senior government official which was then taken out. that makes it look like they were all in for hillary and all out for donald trump when it came to the investigation.
6:30 pm
i have a second question after you comment on that. >> absolutely. we can see the evidence over and over again based on documents that congressional lawmakers have been able to pull forward and now we see with this how important it is that the president issued this memorandum and they want you to think about this, look at who we in the memorandum, the department of energy, homeland security, the department of treasury, the secretary of state. the cia. he is asking all of these agencies, no more slow rolling, no more slow walking this information. let's speed up this process let the attorney general decide what documents should be made public because the american people deserve that and people should take a very close look at all of the agencies that he has demanded cooperate. that says a lot. >> dan: quick follow-up. what do you think the most
6:31 pm
damaging piece of information in this declassification, what is it? >> i think there's going to be two things. the first will be the evidence, that of george papadopoulos and carter page. if they were recorded which we have heard they were by stephan halbert was a spy for the fbi and that the fbi would tell that information from the foreign intelligence surveillance court, that is going to be huge. i will tell you something else. the unmasking, i think one of the biggest pieces of information that will come out here as well is those people that were unmasked, americans that were unmasked, their conversations, telephone conversations with foreigners. samantha powers, there was a big debate and trey gowdy got her to answer some very important questions. she unmasked nearly 300, that is unheard of. when john bolton was at the u.n. he unmasked three people, three
6:32 pm
people. she unmasked close to 300. i will tell you some of those names will be very important. >> dan: that is what started the case. sidney i will go to you with your legal expertise i would appreciate from a legal framework, if there are recordings made by intelligence asset the united states is using, they processed george papadopoulos and he was charged criminally and he retains all of his civil rights as a citizen and they went into this court may had exculpatory evidence on tape about george papadopoulos potentially indicating that not only was he not involved in a collusion scandal, but was repulsed by the very idea. it is as damaging to the team? >> yes, it is. it's called a brady violation on the government has a legal and ethical obligation that is favorable to the offense.
6:33 pm
that is what my entire book is about and how the government particularly, andrew weissmann and he was mueller's pit bull and running this entire special counsel investigation left to hide, exculpatory evidence and sent the missing people to prison. we will find a lot of violations of the brady rule in the conduc conduct. >> dan: one quick follow-up. this gang of eight briefing that brennan gives in august, he has on tape saying he hasn't seen the dossier till december. if that is declassified in that game, how much trouble is he in? >> he ought to be in trouble never the less, whatever comes out because we know he was pushing this dossier purposefully by linking it to congress outside of the gang of eight briefing with harry reid who then, unsurprisingly essentially leaked it through
6:34 pm
public letters back to the obama administration. just quickly, these are primary documents that need to be released and we can't trust mueller to characterize them correctly. that is why the attorney general should release that actually should determine for ourselves what mueller is telling us. >> dan: thank you. congressman omar under fire for criticizing people of faith on the floor of house of representatives. will have reaction when we come back. back. ♪ ♪ and struggle. we actually... seek it out. other species do difficult things because they have to. we do difficult things. because we like to. we think it's... fun. introducing the all-new 2019 ford ranger built for the strangest of all creatures.
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♪ >> dan: welcome back to "hannity." democrats are up in arms against alabama's new abortion law. they recently voted to block all official travel to alabama for
6:39 pm
one year in response to the legislation. congresswoman ilhan omar is weighing in on a new heartbeat bills in places like georgia and alabama and she is facing heavy criticism for targeting religious conservatives on the house floor. listen to this. >> i am frustrated every single time i hear people speaking about their faith and pushing that onto other people. we know the so-called religious politicians, and it comes to their life, their choices they want to talk about freedom but when it comes to other people's lives and other people's choices, they want to talk about religion. >> dan: joining us now with reaction, allie puts jackie at the airport or kerry picket. i will go to you first. what is with this strake on the left of constantly questioning the morals of people who disagree with them?
6:40 pm
it goes back to the idea that we think there are people with bad ideas and they think we are bad people. it's totally different. >> they are the last ones who should be engaging the world of double standards and moral equivalency. he sat with her and anti-semitism. that would've been focused on combating anti-semitism and set of that moral equivalency naming names, she went be serving the committee. they pledged to resist opposed, and peach, everything. they would prefer to insult, insight and investigate rather than legislate and it's unfortunate but they believe that you can obstruct and investigate us to a greater prosperity, to greater freedoms which is just absurd. it's crazy this world they are going down and i'm offended when i hear that speech that you just played that my father up
6:41 pm
identical twin girls, 14 weeks early, less than a pound. i have seen life in its 25th week and his girls have grown up to be strong, healthy, beautiful and intelligent. thank god they have had the right to life and we should be respecting the right to life of parents but also that kid as well and if you're not ready for parenthood, the alternative should be offered and available. >> dan: of the left is seemingly so comfortable with the abortion and where they constantly playing the euphemism game? i just heard a story out of npr, they had a style guide and i will get your comment. you are not allowed to refer to it as a fetal heartbeat, you can't even call it an abortion clinic. if they are so comfortable that while euphemisms? >> even if you look at a more left-leaning or even google if you google what an abortion is it doesn't mention the fetus of the baby. that's just the termination of a
6:42 pm
pregnancy and that is convenient that makes the moral relativism and immorality feel okay for them. what amazes me is that i have hardly ever, if ever heard someone on the left was a part of this pro-choice hide be able to properly and accurately articulate what a pro-life person believes which is very simple that a human life as a human life no matter how small and a matter how young and therefore it has a right to live. they try to get around it every way they can because the effect of the matter is when you say you are okay with killing a child for the sake of convenience, it's a hard pill for the people to swallow mundt i think they realize that. >> dan: think it was your twitter feed when i saw, i can articulate the pro-choice position well but it's odd that they can't articulate ours. that's a great point. going to you. this boycott, travel boycott from the states, i saw some of
6:43 pm
your points here. he made the point that with so many of the states missouri and others looking at pro-life agenda, is this really limiting the effectiveness of your boycott? >> absolutely. think about this for a second, i recall a number of years ago california try doing this to arizona with the sba eight, and emigration or illegal alien bill with law enforcement. i didn't want them asking what the illegal alien status was and they ended up boycotting arizona and they did the same thing to north carolina with a bathroom veil. what the states ended up doing with these abortion pills, they passed their bills at the same time i know california particularly with l.a. county said guess what? we will all do this at the same time and will not be able to isolate one state to try and make us the bad guy and that was brilliant because trying to isolate alabama is just not
6:44 pm
going to work this time. they will not allow california to legislate for one state or all the states. >> dan: a quick last word for you. ultrasound. it's made it harder for the euphemism game. it looks like a child, it's real, it's personal. >> that's a life that is breathing and it should have the opportunity to be born and thrive. we should be speaking up against abortions and standing firm. if we believe that governments should be fighting for people who can't fight for themselves look better example as they're out there than fighting for the baby who tomorrow in america is going to be ripped out of a mother's womb with a grotesque late-term abortion. all the more reason personally and passionately to be fighting for the life for the baby. >> dan: thank you so much. a big update on the jussie smollett case, plus
6:45 pm
president trump speaks out on the john walker lynn case. ♪ you weren't a motaur? sure. sometimes i wish i had legs like you. yeah, like a regular person. no. still half bike/half man, just the opposite. oh, so the legs on the bottom and motorcycle on the top? yeah. yeah, i could see that. for those who were born to ride, there's progressive. yeah, i could see that. they're america's bpursuing life-changing cures. in a country that fosters innovation here, they find breakthroughs... like a way to fight cancer by arming a patient's own t-cells... because it's not just about the next breakthrough... it's all the ones after that.
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♪ >> dan: welcome back to "hannity." law and order in this country is under assault on the jussie smollett story is ongoing, multiple officials in a prime example of what is perceived as a two-tier just some system in. trace gallagher joins us live. >> breaking tonight to the fouls in this case are being unsealed and of course the attorneys were jussie smollett opposed on selling them saying it violas his privacy, but the cook county judge wasn't having it stay in the daily charges were dropped he wasn't worried about privacy when he went before the cameras to wrongly proclaim that he had
6:50 pm
been vindicated. we expect to be 600 pages of documents to go public as early as tomorrow, potentially including grand jury testimony, alibis and evidence and they could reveal exactly why state attorney kim fox abruptly dropped to 16 counts against jussie smollett for staging a hate crime hoax. fox unofficially recused herself after she intervened by asking a chicago police superintendent to turn the case over to the fbi. she was asked to make the request by tina chan, the former chief of staff to michelle obama. today she declined to be served a subpoena by a retired illinois judge who is seeking a special prosecutor to investigate the case. she told investigator if she issued a subpoena that she would never accept it. the investigator says, she will be served. >> dan: thank you. we are tracking two other disturbing stories including a horrific murder committed against a 14-year-old girl in
6:51 pm
maryland. he suspects or ms-13 members were supposed to be deported last year, however according to i.c.e., local authorities did not turn them over. meanwhile this morning john walker lynn is released for providing support to the caliban. president trump is not happy. joining me now, civil rights attorney darrell hart. i will go to your first on this immigration case at of maryland. the sad fact of this tragedy here is that although a lot of people come to this country illegally and may not go on to commit additional crimes, 100% should not be here according to our laws and if they were in force, this 14-year-old girl would be alive today. >> she would and the facts of the case are horrific. she was 14 and stripped of her clothing, beat with a baseball bat, chopped up with a machete
6:52 pm
and buried. they were ms-13 gang members. that is the problem with not coming into this country legally. this is what president trump has said all along. we have to fat people coming into our country. gang members, drugs, all coming into our country and we are seeing it firsthand and now this 14-year-old victim has suffered a horrific death because of it and they should not have been here they should not have been released. they should have been turned over. >> dan: the details as you just described some like a horror movie and it's really grotesque. what possible reason for the county in maryland have for not honoring the detainer against these two suspects. i don't understand. why would you ignore a i.c.e. detain? what's the point? >> i think we have a system breakdown for what i know about the case, the department of
6:53 pm
corrections released into the department they released the children back into the public. we see the process is not speaking to each other and i would also say that i.c.e. needs to do a better job -- >> dan: hold on. i.c.e. was supposed to be notified by the facility so that is not come if you want to comment go ahead. >> he is right. there was a breakdown but the breakdown was they should have notified i.c.e. they had an obligation and a duty to notify i.c.e. when they turned the defendants over. there was a breakdown but it was their fault, not i.c.e. in any way, shape, or form. >> this is i probably ought to be able to fix. it should work that problem. >> dan: the problem is there is a system. i.c.e. launches the detainer until they can pick them up.
6:54 pm
if you then release these individuals in the streets and they go on and commit other crimes, how is that a problem with the system? that's a problem with sanctuary cities and wearable immigration policies. i don't get your point. >> the system needs to be fixed so that i.c.e. can have the personnel to watch the process. they can see who is in custody and who is not. >> dan: what part of the system broke? i don't get what you are saying. they were not notified police two people, the suspects were transferred to another facility. what part broke down? >> i think you agree that i.c.e. knew where they were. they knew where to follow them and see where they were. they could have an obligation -- >> we have been on the same side of cases together and i think the world of him, but no. in this case i.c.e. should have
6:55 pm
been notified. they believed he was under detention and that the county, they had a duty to tell i.c.e. and they did not because they considered themselves a sanctuary city and that is the problem. >> dan: thank you. great debate. we will be right back with some final thoughts. stay tuned. ♪
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♪ >> dan: welcome back to "hannity." this declassification story is going to be a big deal. stay tuned. these five buckets of information will be enormous. stay tuned. that is all the time we have left. we had some great guests and i appreciate you tuning in. thank you for joining us. if you like to tonight's show, don't forget to pick up a copy of my book, "spygate."
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make sure to tune in tomorrow night, jason chaffetz will be guest hosting for sean live from new york. i hope you had a great tonight. laura ingraham is standing by at next with "the ingraham angle." take it away. >> laura: no problem. you did a great job. >> dan: you think so? that's a high honor coming from you. >> laura: you were great. you have a meaningful memorial day weekend. this is a fox news alert. less than two hours ago president trump issuing a memo calling for the declassification of all materials related to the potential spine that occurred against the trump campaign during the 2016 election. rudy giuliani was on the show last week telling us it was coming. true to his word, this decision has come down. there are a lot of unknowns at this moment about the timeline of one who will have access and you will have access to these documents. what in fact will be revealed?